About us

Oud Arabia is a premium perfume brand headquartered in Dubai. Oud itself is an ingredient that is extracted from a special kind of Fungus from 100 years old tree. Oud is sweet, woody, aromatic, and complex scent and can last sometimes as long as five days.
​ Oud Arabia firmly believes that there is a perfume for everyone, and we tried to capture the very essence of life in a bottle. Our aim has never been to create just a perfume brand but a world inspired by poetry, painting, and stories that have been told since time immemorial.

Oud Arabia is equally well known for its creative boutique style retail outlets,For the most luxurious hands on experience of its products to the consumers.
The concept for Oud arabia is simple; it is our fundamental belief that there is a perfect perfume for everyone, and the collection is a balanced palette of scents that allows a client to find the perfect scent for them.
Oud arabia is renowned for working with only the finest quality materials in the industry; from Rose de Mai (France), Jasmine de Grasse (France), natural Ambergris(Pacific ocean), Oud/Agarwood (Vietnam, combodia, indonesia), Bergamot(Calabria)
All raw materials costing considerably the highest in the industry that can be used in a perfume.Packed in handmade velvet and leather boxes, and Handpolished turkey Crystal bottles with handcrafted metal caps.
Oud arabia Attars are of finest grade oils mixed and are painstakingly poured by hand, everything is made without compromise.
Each scent is made in Dubai and handcrafted by our master perfumers who have experience in perfumery from more than 20 years. Oud arabia is a true testament to the beauty of Middle